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Littleton Sailing Club is an RYA Training Centre offering courses in dinghy sailing leading to RYA certification. Our beginner dinghy courses are a great way to take your first steps into the exciting sport of dinghy sailing.

Improving Your Sailing Skills
Once you have completed a course we are keen that you carry on sailing and developing your skills so we run a series of free follow on sessions throughout the year. More information...
We also have a team of mentors who will answer any questions and may also go out on the water with you. You can contact them via sailingsupport@littletonsc.co.uk

Youth and Junior Training
Littleton has a very active Young Sailors group which aims to introduce youngsters to sailing and, with parents, enhance sailing skills and have fun. All juniors have opportunities to progress to club racing. View the Junior Sailors page ...

Adult Training
The club offers the following RYA courses suitable for beginners and improving sailors:

Combined RYA Level 1 and 2 Course (for those new to dinghy sailing)
This 4 day course will take you from complete beginner to the stage of being able to rig, launch and recover your dinghy and sail in light to moderate breezes on inland waters. The course uses both double-handed dinghies (RS Visions - a modern centre main dinghy) and single-handed Laser Radials and/or Laser Picos. You will normally have the opportunity to sail both types but we will take account of individual preference where possible. The double handed RS Visions allow you to sail with an instructor whereas the single handed dinghies give you independence and more time actually helming. The course is aimed at adults (minimum age 16) with little or no previous experience.

You must first join the club to take part in a course, view joining information ... though the combined cost of membership plus the course fee is cheaper than most commercially available courses. Although each course is intended to be self-contained, if you are unable to make the second weekend of a course there is an option to defer that to one of the subsequent courses (subject to availability).

RYA Level 1 and 2 Course Dates 2018 Course Cost
(If you are not yet a member you will also need to join. View joining information).
Availability Application Form
19, 20, 26, 27 May £120 Space Download
23, 24, 30 June, 1 July £120 Space Download
18, 19, 20, 21 August £120 Space Download
29, 30 Sept, 6, 7 Oct £120 Space Download

RYA Level 3
The 2 day RYA Level 3 course is the next stage after completing your Level 1/2 course. It is best to have a season of sailing after gaining your Level 2 qualification. The course covers all the skills you learnt at Level 1 and 2 but at a more advanced level. It also introduces you to other skills such as seamanship, sailing with a spinnaker and starting to race. It will be given in the RS Vision training dinghies and there should also be an opportunity to try out some higher performance dinghies.

RYA Level 3 Course Dates 2018 Course Cost Availability Application Form
7, 8 July £60 Space Download

Seamanship Skills
The 2 day RYA Seamanships Course is new for 2018. It is a natural follow on from the Level 3 course, but is also suitable for anyone with Level 2 and a season's sailing (or is of an equivalent standard). The course expands on some of techniques learned in a Level 3 course such as rudderless sailing, sailing backwards, and heaving to, and adds such techniques as sailing without a centreboard, anchoring, reefing afloat and being towed. It also covers various methods of launching and recovery. The classroom sessions include ropework and meteorology. The course will be given mainly in our RS Vision dinghies.

Seamanship Skills
Course Dates 2018
Course Cost Availability Application Form
5, 6 May £60 Space Download

The contact for all Littleton RYA training courses
is our RYA Training Principal, David Brassington.


Offshore Yacht Training and Experience
Yacht training opportunities are also available to members of the CSSA. For more information go to the CSSA training page.

Student Reviews
"Thanks so much to you and the team for running such an enjoyable, informative and well put together course. I had an absolutely brilliant time, learnt a huge amount and canít wait to get back out on the water!"

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn to sail at my own pace. I was particularly pleased to learn about the weekly informal training sessions and cheap boat hires made available after my Level 1&2 and Level 3 RYA courses. They allowed me to maintain and improve the skills that I had learnt and gave me the confidence to sign up for racing at the club. I have made great sailing friends too, which is always a bonus! I am proud to be a member of Littleton sailing club!"

"The club and the instructional team are a great asset and have provided exactly the enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere that I needed. What a great team."