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Boat Auction
Date: Saturday 13th May
Viewing: 11:00 - 14:00 (in the South Dinghy Park). Each boat will have its lot no. attached to it for identification purposes.
Bids to be sealed and handed in at the clubhouse by 14:15 (forms will be provided). Any bids made in advance of this date to be placed in the box specially provided on the table in the foyer.
Auction winners to be announced in the clubhouse at 15:15 on the 13th May.
All boats sold must be removed by 31st May.

Proceeds from the sale will be passed to the owner of the sold boat if known, otherwise it will go into club funds for the general benefit of our members.
The description of each lot is meant for guidance only. All lots are sold as seen.
All lots are deemed to have been abandoned, or berthing and/or membership fees are outstanding for 6 months or more and hence are being dealt with in accordance with Club Rules.

LOT DESCRIPTION IMAGES (click to view bigger image)
1 Laser (sail no. 40409)
Construction: GRP
Complete with sail, rudder, tiller, spars, cover, trolley.
3 Enterprise
Construction: GRP
White hull/blue deck. Mast (without spreaders), boom, centreboard, combi trailer/trolley.
4 Mirror (sail no. 58054)
Construction: Wood
Complete with spars, mainsail and jib, rudder, daggerboard, ropes, cover, trolley.
5 Topper
Construction: GRP
Hull only, make shift combi trolley/trailer.
6 Javelin (sail no. 501)
Construction: GRP
Centreboard, boom, rigging (no mast), spinnaker pole, trailer.
7 Laser (sail no. 45171)
Construction: GRP
Orange hull. Spars, sail, rudder, tiller, centreboard, no ropes, no trolley.
8 Laser
Construction: GRP
Blue hull. Boom, mast top section, Laser trolley (broken).
9 Merlin Rocket (sail no. 2625)
Construction: Wood
Spars, rudder, centreboard, buoyancy bags, twin spinnaker poles, ropes, cover, trolley.
10 Lark
Construction: GRP
White hull/blue deck. Centreboard, mast, cover trolley.
11 Laser (sail no. 115707)
Construction: GRP
Spars, rudder (no tiller), centreboard, ropes, cover, trolley.
12 Topper Cruz
Construction: GRP
Complete with spars, centreboard, galvanised combi trailer/trolley, sails and rudder.
13 Minisail
Construction: GRP
Spars, trolley.
14 420 (sail no. 26374)
Construction: GRP
Mast, boom.
15 Laser
Construction: GRP
Green hull. Spars, cover, trolley.
16 Mirror (sail no. 64374)
Construction: Wood
Complete with spars, mainsail, jib, trolley, cover.
17 Optimist rig
Oppie sail, wooden spars, centreboard.
18 Enterprise (sail no. 21671)
Construction: Wood/GRP
Rudder, centreboard, spars, buoyancy bags, cover, trolley.
19 Laser
Construction: GRP
Red hull. Rudder, centreboard, spars, 2 trolleys.
21 Dinghy
Construction: GRP
Could be used as a tender.
22 Enterprise
Construction: Wood
Red hull. Rudder, centreboard, some ropes.
23 Rescue boat
Construction: Polypropelene
Grey hull.
24 Combi trailer
Construction: metal
Trailer and trolley. Wheel missing from trailer.
25 Combi trailer
Construction: galvanised
Trailer and trolley. No wheels.
26 Combi trailer
Construction: galvanised
Trailer base only. Needs mud guards and tow hitch.
27 Enterprise (sail no. 15845)
Construction: GRP
Spars, centreboard, rudder, tiller, trolley, cover.
28 Fireball
Construction: Wood
Spinnaker pole, boom, lots of fittings, mainsail, jib, spinnaker, trapeze harness, cover, trailer (no wheels).
29 Laser
Construction: GRP
White hull and deck. Spars, galvanised combi trailer. Cover torn.
30 Mirror
Construction: Wood
Grey hull. Mast (no gaff), boom.